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Puting on the chains

Posted by on December 17, 2013

Today it rained for at least three hours maybe even four .  We knew we would need to use our new chains for a second time and last time was not very pleasant. Every one had mud on them and it was raining while we where putting on the chains which made it worse. Today we put the chains on a bit of a less muddy spot but we still got lots of mud, not as much as last time though. The van slipped a lot more than last time. We used the chains, and even fell into the ditch in the middle of the road where all the water runs down, but we still  got out of it even though we where throwing mud in the air for about three to four yards. 🙂 The most muddy part is taking off the chains since they where covered all over in mud. We now know that we won’t get stuck ever again when the chains are with us, but we will never look forward to putting them on. 🙁





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