We Finaly Have Some CHICKENS!!!!!!!

A about a week ago we got a hen as a gift from someone that we visited, and we named the hen Rosie.

me feeding Rosie

me feeding Rosie

   A few days ago we got two more chickens, one hen and rooster. We named the hen Gabby, and the rooster Kääser (Kaiser-emperor). All of the chickens have settled in nicely, and we love watching them roam during the day time then fight for their spot when it’s time to sleep. It is also nice to wake up by the crow of a rooster at 3:30 am in the morning. ; )




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The day we wished merry Christmas to the Meru prison

Today we went to visit the Meru prison to have a Christmas celebration with the women  and children. We sang several songs and carols with the prisoners, and most of the songs were led by my dad. We had crackers, suckers, and cake; and they all loved eating it. They loved us being there to ,in fact, they were much happier when we left we could hear them sing as we walked out of the prison. 🙂

me shaking the hand of a prisoner

me shaking the hand of a prisoner









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Puting on the chains

Today it rained for at least three hours maybe even four .  We knew we would need to use our new chains for a second time and last time was not very pleasant. Every one had mud on them and it was raining while we where putting on the chains which made it worse. Today we put the chains on a bit of a less muddy spot but we still got lots of mud, not as much as last time though. The van slipped a lot more than last time. We used the chains, and even fell into the ditch in the middle of the road where all the water runs down, but we still  got out of it even though we where throwing mud in the air for about three to four yards. 🙂 The most muddy part is taking off the chains since they where covered all over in mud. We now know that we won’t get stuck ever again when the chains are with us, but we will never look forward to putting them on. 🙁





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The friendly dog at the church

At Trinity Chapel there is a very nice dog. My mom and I always say hi to him every time we go to church to practice or worship. He always wants us to pet him when ever we go there, and he loves it when I play with him. I think I might be the only or one of the only people that plays with him. 🙁



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Video Tour of Meru

My mom and I made a video about our life and ministry in Africa.  We hope you enjoy it!

Riley’s Tour of Meru from TroupTravels on Vimeo.


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Our new house

We are still trying to settle at our new house and getting things moved to where we want them to be.  We also have a farm that we need to fix up.  We also are going to make a new chicken coop and get some chickens.  It is so nice to have bananas in our back yard, but we can’t eat them fast enough.  We are also looking at getting some goats or sheep to eat our grass.  Our dog Loafie loves the new house and if someone comes over our fence or gate she will chase them right back over the fence.  I love the great view at this house, you can actually see some mountains from our front yard, there is a very tall hill that we can see that my dad wants to hike and maybe my mom and I too we are trying to fix a pipe that was disconnected and we have tried to fix it many times in the last few days, we hope that today is the last day without water.

A view of the front gate from near the house.

A view of the front gate from near the house.

Our house

Our house

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First post

Welcome to Riley’s blog.  Stay tuned for pictures!

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