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Returning to USA

Posted by on February 8, 2013

Just a short note to say we’re heading back to the USA for a few weeks during the Kenya presidential elections.  The last elections in 2007 turned out to be a trigger that erupted tribal tensions, resulting in several thousand deaths.

Most people say Meru is the safest place to be in Kenya, and don’t expect violence this time, but we decided to play it safe.  This also gives us the opportunity to stop by our partner churches and share the wonderful work we’ve been able to be a part of here in Kenya.  We also get to bring empty suitcases and load them up for our return!  We’ve been living off basically two suitcases each for several months.

We’re planning to leave just before the first election and stay until after the second election date in case there is a run-off election in April.  We are looking forward to seeing our friends and family again!  I wouldn’t mind soaking in a nice bath, and Riley is dying for Subway.  🙂


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