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Author Archives: Sandi

About Sandi

I am proof that life is indeed a journey that can take a winding, unexpected path. But as in all journeys, wonderful discoveries and rich relationships can blossom in the most surprising places. Enjoy as I share my journey with you as well as how I see the world through the lens of my camera.

Matthew Study Part 2 – An Overview of the Gospels

When there is a big event, we tend to read different news articles about it.  For example, for major events in Kenya or East Africa, I may like to see reports from one of the national papers like Daily Nation, BBC for a global perspective, and perhaps a couple of USA-based reports such as CNN.  … Continue reading »

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Matthew Part 1 – Study Resources and Tips

Welcome to our Bible study of Matthew!   When I disciple a new group, I really like to start with the Gospels.  What better place to start than the words of Jesus?  I especially like Matthew because it is very comprehensive in the actual teachings of Jesus.  So many phrases from Matthew we’ve been able … Continue reading »

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Mid-2015 Already???

For those of your that check regularly (I’m so sorry Enken!), it’s been a REAAAALY long time since I’ve posted! Some of that is because after 3 years in Kenya, the days start to look the same. Yep, got up, fed the chickens, fed the dog & cat, did laundry, taught Riley science and history, fixed whatever … Continue reading »

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To Nairobi and Back

I has already been 3 months, and time to extend our Visas so we can stay in Kenya.  Unfortunately, that requires a trip all the way to Nairobi!  But I was kind of looking forward to this one. We had been living with some plumbing and electrical challenges, I was really looking forward to enjoying … Continue reading »

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Riley’s Video

Some friends of ours in Oklahoma wanted a video of Riley talking about his life as a missionary kid here in Meru to show to a Vacation Bible School.  We tried to capture a varied view of our daily life, including our ministry work and a tour of our property.  If you can get past … Continue reading »

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Getting Settled

We’re back in Kenya and getting settled again.  I knew I was missing it, but it really hit me when we arrived how much…the moist breeze laden with the aromas of damp soil and flowers, the lush green fields (especially now during rainy season), and the rolling hillsides of the mountainous area we call home. … Continue reading »

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Whirlwind Tour

I write this after a shift driving from Omaha, Nebraska to Colorado Springs with the mountains just barely coming into view northeast of Denver.  We’re getting in just before perhaps the last big blizzard of the season, and we can tell a storm is brewing!  We’re getting blasted by a 30 mph southerly wind and … Continue reading »

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Turning a New Leaf

As we have shared with many of you, we’re about to turn a new chapter in our ministry in Kenya.  As I told in earlier posts, we originally went to serve with a non-profit organization serving the community in Meru, Kenya called the Miriam Kanana Mubichi Foundation (MKMF).  We were going to volunteer our services … Continue reading »

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Returning to USA

Just a short note to say we’re heading back to the USA for a few weeks during the Kenya presidential elections.  The last elections in 2007 turned out to be a trigger that erupted tribal tensions, resulting in several thousand deaths. Most people say Meru is the safest place to be in Kenya, and don’t … Continue reading »

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Catching Up

It doesn’t feel like it’s been so long since I’ve written, but probably because I’m also keeping up the MKMF blog.  Please read our weekly updates at We took off a bit of time around Christmas as our project manager was out of town visiting family.  It was a welcome relief after the exhausting … Continue reading »

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