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The Book of Matthew

Learn about the life of Jesus through the Gospel of Matthew as we also examine the geography, history, customs, and original language of the New Testament texts.

Matthew Study Part 2 – An Overview of the Gospels

When there is a big event, we tend to read different news articles about it.  For example, for major events in Kenya or East Africa, I may like to see reports from one of the national papers like Daily Nation, BBC for a global perspective, and perhaps a couple of USA-based reports such as CNN.  … Continue reading »

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Matthew Part 1 – Study Resources and Tips

Welcome to our Bible study of Matthew!   When I disciple a new group, I really like to start with the Gospels.  What better place to start than the words of Jesus?  I especially like Matthew because it is very comprehensive in the actual teachings of Jesus.  So many phrases from Matthew we’ve been able … Continue reading »

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